The Oxbow Articles

The Department of Water Resources contributes a three-page section of articles to a magazine titled North Dakota Water, published by the North Dakota Water Education Foundation. The pages are called The Oxbow and are designed to inform readers about the Department of Water Resources' projects and programs, as well as local, state, and national water management issues. The magazine is published monthly, excluding February, May, August, and September. Past articles are found here in downloadable PDF format.

The yearly subscription rate for North Dakota Water is $25 for one year. Call (701) 223-8332.

March 2024 - Navigating The Flood Risk Landscape: Understanding, Insuring, & Safeguarding Against Floods

January 2024 - 2023: A Year In Review

December 2023 - Floodplain Management In North Dakota

November 2023 - Southwest Water Pipeline Project & Northwest Area Water Supply Updates

October 2023 - Economic Cost Of Aquatic Nuisance Species

July 2023 - North Dakota Dam Design Standards & Policy Update

June 2023 - 2023 DWR Construction Preview

April 2023 - Discover Today’s Watershed Institute James & Sheyenne Rivers

March 2023 - Updated Cost-Share Policy

January 2023 - Updated FEMA Guidelines Benefit Rural North Dakota Communities

December 2022 - Bottineau Receives NAWS Water; 2022 Devils Lake Outlet Operations

November 2022 - Water Related Construction Activity 2022 Season Update

October 2022 - 2021 Drought Disaster Livestock Water Supply Program Deactivated

September 2022 - Northwest Area Water Supply Continuing Progress

July 2022 - Department Of Water Resources Promotes Education And Advocacy Efforts For Dam Safety In North Dakota

June 2022 - The Missouri River An Extraordinary & Valued Resource

May 2022 - State Agencies Encourage Best-Practice Procedures For Aquatic Nuisance Species Prevention

April 2022 - 40 Years Of Progress The Southwest Pipeline Project

March 2022 - 2021 Water Commission Construction Season Overview

January 2022 - DWR Benefits From North Dakota’s Share Of The American Rescue Plan Act; A Look Ahead: The Department Of Water Resources’ 2023 Water Development Plan

December 2021 - John Paczkowski Named State Engineer; Department Of Water Resources Expands Usage Of Technology Initiative

November 2021 - Dr. Andrea Travnicek Appointed Director of the North Dakota Department of Water Resources

October 2021 - Agency’s Map Services Provides Beneficial & Extensive Statewide Data

September 2021 - North Dakota Water Education Program Supports Annual State Envirothon

July 2021 - Water Commission Legislative Update

June 2021 - Chris Bader To Serve As Director Of Water Appropriation

May 2021 - Water Commission Offering New Online Water Education Program & Activities; Safety Officials Recommend Using Extreme Caution Near Low Head Dams

April 2021 - State Engineer Encourages the Public to Keep Your Beaches Clean, Water Commission Introduces 2021 Water Development Plan and Online Dashboard

March 2021 - 2020 Water Commission Construction Season Overview

January 2021 - Indigenous Nations Workshop Strengthens Cooperation and Beneficial Collaboration

December 2020 - Water Commission Celebrates One-Year Anniversary of NDRAM

November 2020 - Worthwhile Water Education Opportunities In North Dakota; Water Commission Crossword Puzzle

October 2020 - 2020 Field Work Wrap-Up

September 2020 - Water Commission Modernizes Probable Maximum Precipitation Study; 2020 Commissioner-Hosted Basin Meetings Conducted Virtually

July 2020 - Livestock Water Supply Program Ends, PRESENS Thrives With Continued Success

June 2020 - SWC Special Investigations - Water Commission Aims Services Toward Local Support

May 2020 - Significance Of Survey Benchmarks

April 2020 - Economic Impacts & Associated Risks Of Aquatic Invasive Species

March 2020 - 2019 Water Commission Construction Season Recap

January 2020 - State Responds To Unprecedented Fall Flooding

December 2019 - SWC Brings Technology To Fingertips Of North Dakotans

November 2019 - International Souris River Study Moving Forward

October 2019 - Importance Of Sovereign Lands Management

September 2019 - Northwest Area Water Supply Set Up to Move Forward

July 2019 - The SWC's Water Education Program Improving Understanding Through Opportunities

June 2019 - Water Commission Implements New Processes

May 2019 - North Dakotans To Benefit From Flood Mapping Technology

April 2019 - Water Commission Survey Crew Continues To Track Data

March 2019 - 2018 State Water Commission Construction Season

January 2019 - Water Commission Uses New Technology To Benefit Iconic River

December 2018 - Water Festivals Conclude And Interest Continues To Grow, Commission Adds Counties To Drought Disaster Livestock Water Supply Program

November 2018 - Water Commission Integrates Drone Technology To Further Agency Capabilities

October 2018 - State Water Commission Approves Policy Updates

September 2018 - International Agreement Sets Stage For NAWS Completion

July 2018 - Pushing The Boundaries With PRESENS

June 2018 - Protecting Your Sovereign Lands

May 2018 - State Agencies Work Together To Eliminate Drowning Machines

April 2018 - Using Our Aquifers As Reservoirs

March 2018 - 120,000 Additional Historical Aerial Photos Now Available

January 2018 - Devils Lake Outlets Milestone: One Million Acre-Feet Removed

December 2017 - Water Commission Developing Economic Analysis And Life Cycle Cost Analysis Guidelines For Water Projects

November 2017 - 2017 State Water Commission Construction Season

October 2017 - 2017 Discover Today's Souris River Watershed Institute Recap; North Dakota Water Education Raising Water Issue Awareness For The State's Children, Teachers, and Parents

September 2017 - Water Commission Provides Drought Assistance For Ranchers, Locken Celebrates 50 Year Career Milestone

July 2017 - Water Commission Testing And Designing New Tools

June 2017 - House Bill 1020 An Overview Of The State Water Commission's Funding Bill, Outlet Advisory Committee Meets To Discuss Devils Lake

May 2017 - Preliminary Results Of Spiritwood Aquifer Airborne Electromagnetic Survey Exceed Expectations, Commission Approves Significant Funding For Water Projects, Discover Today's Souris River Watershed Institute

April 2017 - Ensuring North Dakota Dam Safety, North Dakota Counties Receive Section 22 Studies

March 2017 - Large Scale Automated Engineering To Improve State Flood Mapping Efforts, 2017-2019 Water Development Report Completed, Upper Sheyenne Board Presents Oarsman Award

January 2017 - 2016 Water Commission Construction Projects, Paczkowski To Serve As Assistant State Engineer

December 2016 - Dickinson Water Festival, Changes To Water Commission Cost-Share Policy Approved, Temporary Water Use Permit Brochure Available, State Water Commission Conducts Aerial Survey Over The Spiritwood Aquifer

November 2016 - The International Joint Commission (IJC) Who They Are And How They Came To Be

October 2016 - Update - Missouri And Heart River Confluence Study, 2016 Discover Today's Watershed Institute

September 2016 - Western States Water Council Summer Meeting, 2016 Commissioner Hosted Meetings A Success

July 2016 - New State Engineer Named, Online Temporary Water Permit Status Service

June 2016 - Where The Water Is, Notice: 2016 Commissioner Hosted Meetings

May 2016 - Sando To Retire From State Engineer Position In June, Biennial Report Available:2013-2015, Water Commission Website Goes Mobile

April 2016 - 2016 Water Education Season Starting With Help From Awesome Facilitators, Keeping Our Beaches Clean, It All Starts With You

March 2016 - Warwick Dam Repair & Fish Passage Completed, Assistant State Engineer Takes On New Career

January 2016 - Budgeting Process & Water Plan Update To Begin, Water Commission Funding Devils Lake, Northeast Regional, & Langdon Water Supply Regionalization Study, Water Commission Provides Funding For Burleigh County Flood Control

December 2015 - Water Commission Aerial Photography Mapservice Goes Live, New Missouri River Publication Available

November 2015 - 2015 Construction Update, State Water Commission Approves $160 Million For Municipal, Rural, And Regional Water Supply Projects

October 2015 - Dickinson Water Festival A Big Success, Renwick Dam Celebrating Completion Of New Spillway, Survey Crew Incorporating New Technologies

September 2015 - New Hires Meet Our Newest Staff Craig Odenbach And John Paczkowski, Red River Watershed Institute Held In Mayville

July 2015 - Engelhardt Retiring After 28 Years Of Service, Newly Forming Assiniboine River Basin Initiative

June 2015 - Senate Bill 2020 An Overview Of The State Water Commission's Funding Bill, State Engineer Working To Protect Sovereign Land

May 2015 - North Dakota Water festivals Reaching Record Number Of Students

April 2015 - Trends In North Dakota Field Water Management

March 2015 - State Water Commission Staff Offers Insight On National Flood Insurance Program

January 2015 - Water Commission Staying Ahead Of Technology Curve, Water Commission Releases 2015 State Water Management Plan & 2015-2017 Strategic Plan

December 2014 - Harmon Lake Five Years Later, Missouri River Study Takes Flight

November 2014 - Water Appropriations A Year Of Changes And New Faces

October 2014 - Navigable Waters Are Not Necessarily Navigable Waters: A State v. Federal Perspective, Chris Bader Recognized With 2014 William C. Ackermann Medal For Excellence In Water Management

September 2014 - New Rules Passed To Enhance Protection Of Sovereign Lands, SWC Adds New Employees To Meet Permitting Needs

July 2014 - Water Commission Approves Funding For Valley City And Lisbon Flood Control, A FREE Online Water Education Resource For All Ages, The North Dakota State Water Commission Introduces Jessie Wald

June 2014 - Aquifer Recharge And Recovery

May 2014 - Repairs On Devils Lake Outlet Completed, North Dakota Investing In Water Supply Statewide

April 2014 - SWC Supports Water Supply Projects in Williston, Watford City and Dickinson, 2011-2013 Biennial Report Available, Red River Watershed Institute To Be Held In Grand Forks

March 2014 - International Souris River Board Meets In Bismarck, More Progress On New Dickinson Water Treatment Plant, Oil Development & Water Use New Fact Sheet Available

January 2014 - Changes To The Flood Insurance Causing Concern, Belford Retires From Downstream Acceptance Position

December 2013 - Know Your Missouri River Organizations, Upper Sheyenne Joint Board Releases Water Plan Update

November 2013 - Water Supply Projects Receive Substantial Funding, Longtime Water Commissioner Retires

October 2013 - Telemetry Innovations, Water Theft & Unauthorized Water Sales For Industrial Uses In North Dakota: Know The Facts

September 2013 - 2013 Spring Flood Presents Challenges To Some North Dakota Dams, Project WET Update

July 2013 - The 2013 Flood: The Flood That Wasn't

June 2013 - State Water Commission Approves Rural Water Supply Funding, Dalrymple Signs Legislation for Water Supply, Flood Protection and Water Management Projects, Shaver Retiring After 37 Years

May 2013 - Western Water Law and the Missouri River

April 2013 - Discover Today's Northwestern Missouri River Watershed, Snow Survey

March 2013 - Office of State Engineer Water Use Telemetry Pilot Study

January 2013 - New Publications Available From State Water Commission, Missouri River Dredging Project Completed, Devils Lake Outlet Advisory Committee Meets

December 2012 - 2012 James & Sheyenne River Basins WET Institute, Putting Water Measurements Into Perspective

November 2012 - Dredging On The Missouri River

75th Anniversary Article

75th Anniversary Article: Part One

75th Anniversary Article: Part Two

September 2012: - James River Flood Risk Reduction Feasibility Study Begins, Mouse River Enhanced Flood Protection Project Update

July 2012: - Tolna Coulee Control Structure Nears Completion, Area Students Attend Morton and Bismarck Water Festivals

June 2012: - Conflict Over Water: Lake Sakakawea And Challenges To State Use

May 2012: - West Devils Lake Outlet Begins Operating; SWC Revises Floodway Property Acquisition Policy; International Water Institute Releases - Tile Drainage Study

April 2012 Cost Share: - SWC Cost-Share Available for Snagging and Clearing

April 2012: - Preliminary Report for Mouse River Flood Protection Released; A New Educational Opportunity for Teachers!

March 2012: - Commission Approves New Floodway Property Acquisition Cost-Share Policy; NOTICE: Water Project Sponsors; Commission Approves Cost-Share Requests for Floodway Property Acquisitions; Agreement Reached on East Devils Lake Outlet Project

January 2012: - East DL Outlet Pipeline Installation Complete; SWC Approves Funding for Valley City Buy-outs; SWC Develops Composite Hydrograph

December 2011: - Mouse (Souris) River Flood Protection Improvements Underway; Tom Fischer will be missed

October 2011: - East Devils Lake Outlet Project Well Underway; Questions Arise Over New Tile Drain Law

September 2011: - SWC & NDDOT Coop with USGS to Gather Missouri River Channel Data; Devils Lake the Site of 2011 WET Institute

May 2011: - SWC Funds Rapid Deployment Gages; Advisory Committee Meets to Discuss Devils Lake Outlet Issues; Bill Sharff Receives NDEA's 2011 Human Service Award; NEW Tolna Coulee Issues Factsheet Available

April 2011: - State Moving Forward on East Devils Lake Outlet; Project WET Leadership Workshop Trains Facilitators

March 2011: - Missouri River Storage Fees: Unjust and Unacceptable; Websites Provide Flood Info

January 2011: - More Help on the Way for Devils Lake; New Publications Available From State Water Commission

December 2010: - SWC 2010 Construction Projects Summary

November 2010: - Another Not So Simple Solution; Project WET Facilitators Receive Awards for 2010

October 2010: - New Devils L. Tech Team Report Available; New Study & Recovery Initiatives Bring Participants to Institute

September 2010: - Sando Appointed ND's 17th State Engineer; Devils Lake Outlet Expansion Completed and Operational; SWC Approves Funding for Absaraka Dam

July 2010: - Frink Retires From State Engineer Position; Another Successful Water Festival Held in Bismarck, May 17-18

June 2010: - Abundant Lake Sakakawea Water Becoming Focus for Oil Development; Devils Lake Breaks More Records in 2010

May 2010: - SWC Grants Approved for Flood Control in Enderlin, Hazen, Pembina, and Grafton; Devils Lake Flood Facts Flier Available

April 2010: - SWC Funds Water for Oil in McKenzie Co.; Elements of the Devils Lake Outlet Expansion; Explore Your Watershed Presents...The Central Missouri River Institute

March 2010: - Flood Retention: Not Always the Silver Bullet

January 2010: - Lakes Sakakawea and Oahe Are Back!; SWC Approves Cost-Share for Clausen Springs Dam; 2009 Aerial Photos Available; 2009 Devils L. Outlet Operations Summary

December 2009: - State Water Commission Construction Crew Busy With 2009 Flood Repairs; ATTENTION Water Project Sponsors

November 2009: - Missouri River Sedimentation Causes Problems for R.M. Heskett Power Station; SWC and NRCS Ring Dike Coop Program Popular; SWC Funds Red River Basin Flood Solutions Study; Corps to Review Missouri River Authorized Purposes

October 2009: - 2009 Flooding Sparks Interest in Red River Watershed Institute; YOU Can Help Shape Missouri River Recovery Efforts; State Water Commission Studying Beaver Creek Watershed

September 2009: - Harmon Lake Recreation Area Opens; Addressing the Devils Lake Water Treatment Question

July 2009: - Corps Looking at Permanent Flood Control for Fargo-Moorhead Area; Another Successful Water Festival Held in Bismarck May 19-20; Water Commission Considers Devils Lake Outlet Extension

June 2009: - 2009: A Year of Records

May 2009: - Project WET Facilitator Network: The Heart of Water Education; SWC Construction Crew Receives Award; Commission Meeting Minutes; A Note About 2009 Spring Flood Events

March 2009: - Officials Meet on DL Flooding Prognosis; Record of Decision Signed for NAWS Water Treatment

January 2009: - Final EIS on NAWS Treatment Released; New 2009-2011 SWC and SE Strategic Plan Now Available; SWC Completes 2009 State Water Plan

December 2008: - Oil and Water: Sometimes They DO Mix; Group Receives Award for Milfoil Work; Measure 3 Passed By N.D. Voters; Attention! Water Supply Grants Available

November 2008: - SWC Construction Summary, 2008 Season; Commission Meeting Minutes

October 2008: - NAWS Provides Water Service to Berthold; The 2008 Project WET Summer Water Institute Heads West; Vosper Appointed to Water Commission; Gary Calheim Receives Governor's Award for Excellence

September 2008: - North Dakota Streamflow Characteristics; Commission Meeting Minutes; Sheyenne Dam Restoration Complete

July 2008: - Oahe Coming Back to North Dakota; Devils Lake Considers Flood Protection Options

June 2008: - Livestock Drought Program Reinstated; Devils Lake Hires New Manager; ND WRRI Sponsors A Day of Seminars on Water Resources; Commission Meeting Minutes; Bismarck Water Festival A Great Success

May 2008: - 2008 Explore Your Watershed Institute: The Missouri River; ND Supreme Court Rules on Devils Lake Outlet Permit Appeal; Devils Lake Joint Board Manager Retires; Commission Meeting Minutes

April 2008: - Leadership Workshop Trains Facilitators; Leland Krein Receives "Surveyor of the Year" Award; Devils Lake Upper Basin Irrigation Test Project Extended; New North Dakota Administrative Code Rules Effective April 1

March 2008: - NAWS DEIS on Water Treatment Finalized; NOTICE: Water Project Sponsors; FEIS for RRVWS Project Completed

January 2008: - 2007 Construction Season In Review; Commission Meeting Minutes

December 2007: - Devils L. Landowners' Lawsuit Dismissed; History of Flooding in the Red River Basin Poster Now Available; Commission Meeting Minutes; Sheyenne Dam Restoration to Begin

November 2007: - State Engineer and SWC to Hold Public Hearings on Rule Changes; View Real-Time USGS Stream Gauges in Google Earth; More Publications Available on Water Commission Website; MOSSPs: The New Volume Unit of Choice?

October 2007: - "Mighty Mouse" Watershed is the Focus of 2007 WET Institute; Water in Demand for the Oil Industry in Western North Dakota

September 2007: - Maple River Dedication Ceremony Held; Commission Meeting Minutes; Commission Discontinues Drought Livestock Watering Program.

July 2007: - North Dakota's First Sovereign Land Management Plan is Completed; RRJWRD Publishes Water Mgmt. Strategy; State Water Commission Offers a New Water Institute for 2007; Maple River Dam Dedication Scheduled

June 2007: - SWC OKs Funding for D.L. Water Supply; 2007 Legislature Good for N.D. Water; Commission Meeting Minutes; Devils Lake Joint Board Website Created

May 2007: - SE Introduces Sovereign Land Bill; April Commission Meeting Highlights; Grant Awarded to WRD Association; Why Not Use Devils Lake for Eastern North Dakota Water Supply?

April 2007: - Putting RRVWSP Water Use Into Perspective; Poster Commemorates 10th Anniversary of 1997 Red River Flood; Restoration of Sheyenne Dam in the Design Stage

March 2007: - Missouri River System Anxiously Watched; Welcome Aboard Water Commissioners Berg and Foley; Office of SE Completes Ordinary High Water Mark Guidelines; Water Commission Publishes an Update to the State Water Plan

January 2007: - SWC 2006 Construction Season a Busy One

December 2006: - The Pembina River: Jewel of the Northeast; Bureau of Reclamation Completes Devils Lake Basin Crossing Study

November 2006: - City of Garrison Receiving Funding for Improved Water Supply Intake; Missouri River Joint Water Board Receives $70,000 SWC Grant; Drought Indices: So Many to Choose From

October 2006: - New Robotic Crawler to Assist With Future Dam Inspections; 2005 Water Use Summary for North Dakota; SE Releases Draft Sovereign Land Plan For Public Comment; Water Equivalents Reference Table

September 2006: - SWC Approves Changes to Drought Disaster Livestock Watering Program; Commission Meeting Minutes; The First James and Sheyenne Rivers Institute Held July 9-13; Tile Drainage Gaining Popularity in State in Recent Years

July 2006: - Tobacco Settlement Shortfall Impacts Water Projects in North Dakota; Devils Lake and Stump Lake Destined to Become One Big Lake; Tile Drainage Gaining Popularity in State in Recent Years

June 2006: - McDowell Dam Reservoir Receives North Dakota's First Alum Treatment; Red Trail Energy to Become SWPP's Second Largest Customer; Water Commission Launches a New Water Institute for 2006

May 2006: - Erosion Mitigation Plan in Developed for the Sheyenne River; Commission Meeting Minutes; A Missouri River System Update; Water Commission/State Engineer Biennial Report Available

April 2006: - Busy 2006 Construction Season Expected; Flood Map Modernization Begins in North Dakota

March 2006: - N.D. State Water Commission Launches Web-based Mapping System; Upper Sheyenne and Devils Lake Boards Release Water Management Plans

January 2006: - More teachers and students "catch the wave" of water education at festivals; Project WET facilitators receive awards; Commission Meeting Minutes

December 2005: - SWC has busy 2005 construction season; Commission endorses McClusky Canal to Sheyenne River option

November 2005: - Office of State Engineer to develop new sovereign land management plan for ND; Look for information about Devils Lake...; Additional repairs are expected for Sweetbriar Creek Dam; Lemmon celebrates the arrival of Southwest Pipeline water; Resolution sought for Pembina dikes issue

October 2005: - Outlet Project Completion Provides Hope for Devils Lake Area Residents; Educators Receive a Northwest North Dakota Perspective to the Missouri River Watershed

(September 2005: Special Issue, See Office of the State Engineer: A Tour Through Time)

July 2005: - Crown Butte Dam Undergoing Repairs; North Dakota Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Devils Lake Outlet Project; Lake Sakakawea Management Plan Public Meetings Scheduled; Construction Begins on New Water Commission Maintenance Shop; Corps Implementing Cold Water Habitat Saving Measures

June 2005: - ANS Prevention: Protecting North Dakota's Waters; How do large-scale water supply projects impact Lake Sakakawea's water levels?; Commission Meeting Minutes

May 2005: - Corps holds Missouri River meetings; Highway 20 temporarily closed due to seepage from Devils Lake; SWC employee Kurt Kunz will be missed; Upper Sheyenne River Joint WRB manages water basin-wide

April 2005: - Missouri River system intakes in jeopardy; 2005 Explore Your Watershed institutes scheduled; Commission Meeting Minutes; Stump Lake Flooding: Living Downstream of Devils Lake

March 2005: - The State-Sponsored Devils Lake Outlet: Project Update and Progress; North Dakota Water Facts

January 2005: - SWC construction crew has very busy year; Notice!; State Engineer reports 2004 as "Year of Great Progress;" Commission Meeting Minutes

December 2004: - Educators and students "get splashed" with water education; North Dakota Water Crossword; Commission Meeting Minutes; Project WET facilitators receive awards

November 2004: - SWC participating in flood hazard area restudy and remapping program; When do I need a Sovereign Land Permit from the State Engineer? Commission Meeting Minutes; Ground broken for Maple River Dam; Original Southwest Pipeline completed

October 2004: - Project WET provides watershed education; Missouri River, Devils Lake education programs a great success

September 2004: - GLO Plat survey note archival results in wider availability of info; Devils Lake: Raising the Levee

July 2004: - Grafton opts out of flood control project; Reconstruction begins on Mount Carmel Dam spillway; A Not-So-Simple Solution; Devils Lake: Connections to the Red River

June 2004: - Maple River Dam granted Section 404 Permit; Contracts awarded for State's Emergency Devils Lake Outlet; Welcome to the Land of Extremes; Commission Meeting Minutes; North Dakota Water: Use It or Lose It

May 2004: - SWC develops new aquifer testing method; Commission Meeting Minutes; How is the new Master Manual different?

(April 2004: Not published.)

March 2004: - Project WET leadership workshop held; SRJWRD receives Outstanding Project Award for Baldhill project; SWC approves more funding for Mt Carmel; Notice!; Project WET workshops coming in 2004

January 2004: - SWC approves $19 million for Devils Lake outlet; Commission Meeting Minutes; Final SWPP Medora-Beach phase ends 2003 construction season; NAWS: Moving Forward in 2003

December 2003: - Water festivals "Make A Splash" this fall; project WET facilitators receive awards; Commission Meeting Minutes; SWC's 2003 Construction Season UPDATE

November 2003: - Mount Carmel Dam repairs move forward; EPA releases request for proposals for FY 2004 Wetlands Protection Project Grant; Swenson and Olin reappointed to SWC by Hoeven; Drought Disaster program has busy year

October 2003: - The Mighty Mo: A River of Discoveries; Understanding Wetland Storage: Part III

September 2003: - Quantifying Wetland Restoration and Impoundment Costs: Facing Reality; Commission Meeting Minutes; Harmon Lake: An Oasis for Morton County

July 2003: - Channel work to begin on Devils Lake outlet; Commission Meeting Minutes; Notice!; Understanding Wetland Storage: Part II

June 2003: - Emergency at Mount Carmel Dam; Commission Meeting Minutes; Understanding Wetland Storage: Part I

May 2003: - Biota transfer an issue for water projects; The Federal & State Devils Lake Outlets: What's the Latest?

(April 2003: Not published.)

March 2003: - SWC publishes update to State Water Plan; 2002 Devils Lake Basin Water Management Plan is published; Lindvig retires after 39 years; How bad is the drought situation in the Missouri River Basin?

January 2003: - 2002 SWC construction efforts; Commission Meeting Minutes

December 2002: - Make a Splash festivals make impression; Project WET facilitators receive 2002 awards; Commission Meeting Minutes; The Red River: A Profile in Time, Part IV: Looking to the Future

November 2002: - Educators look at yesterday's Missouri; Water Commission moves ahead with Devils Lake outlet; Commission Meeting Minutes; The Red River: A Profile in Time, Part III: Taming the Red?

(October 2002: Not published.)

September 2002: - Cooperation improves water data; Looking out for Lake Sakakawea; The Red River: A Profile in Time, Part II: Selkirk's Colony to the Flood of Record

July 2002: - Missouri River planning advances; SWC staff members participate in Walk for Life; Sweetbriar Creek Dam needs repairs; The Red River: A Profile in Time, Part I: Lake Agassiz to the First North Dakotans

June 2002: - NAWS: Moving Dirt, Moving Ahead; SWC approves changes to rural flood control cost-share poiicy; NEW Devils Lake Basin Water Management Plan being developed; North Dakota and Sustainable Development

May 2002: - Purple Loosestrife: A Perilous Beauty; Water management organizations to merge; Devils Lake: A Lake Forever Changing

April 2002: - Devils Lake water level predictions made; NAWS groundbreaking is scheduled; Commission Meeting Minutes; Study highlights lack of useful flood data in Red River Valley; Estimating Snowpack Runoff: How it's done, why it's important

March 2002: - Corps revokes Clinton-era wetland rules; Commission Meeting Minutes; New rural ring dike cost-share policies; Looking to explore North Dakota's water resources?

January 2002: - NAWS project gets final approval; SWC Construction Crew Season Summary; Looking to explore North Dakota's water resources?

December 2001: - North Dakota students "Make a Splash;" Commission Meeting Minutes; Project WET Facilitator Awards: What are they and who receives them?

November 2001: - Appeals Denied: NAWS will move forward; Notice; Commission Meeting Minutes; Project WET Facilitators: Teaching for a Better Tomorrow

October 2001: - Water Quality Institute a hit with educators; Lewis & Clark's Missouri River comes alive; Planning to irrigate? (Part 2)

September 2001: - Spring and summer mean busy times for construction crew; Commission Meeting Minutes; Hofstad, Halcrow appointed to Commission; Planning to irrigate?

July 2001: - Frink appointed as State Engineer; Commission Meeting Minutes; What's new with NAWS?

June 2001: - Devils Lake overflows into Stump Lake; Websites helpful in Red River Valley flood fight; How will new federal arsenic standards impact North Dakota?

May 2001: - Emergency action plans needed for dams; Commission Meeting Minutes; What "100-Year Flood" really means

April 2001: - Project WET Explore Your Watershed leadership workshop trains facilitators; The year 2000 was a WET year; Make a splash with Project WET; Project WET Summer Institutes are changing; Commission Meeting Minutes; Water: A Tour Through Time (Part 4)

March 2001: - Sprynczynatyk moves on to new challenges; Water Development 2001 Biennial Reports are available; Water: A Tour Through Time (Part 3)

January 2001: - Corps preceeds with Devils Lake Basin water storage study; Commission Meeting Minutes; Water: A Tour Through Time (Part 2)

December 2000: - Missouri River troubles repeat themselves; SWC construction crew had busy summer; Water: A Tour Through Time (Part 1)

November 2000: - Flood Insurance: Beware of Misconceptions; Commission Meeting Minutes; Are more people using less water?

(October 2000: Not published.)

September 2000: - Eye kept on high hazard dams in state; Commission Meeting Minutes; Drought: Did you know...?

July 2000: - Commission Meeting Minutes; Managing North Dakota's Water Resources (Part 5)

June 2000: - Missouri River issues still contested; Managing North Dakota's Water Resources (Part 4)

May 2000: - Outlet Management Advisory Committee meets, update on projects heard; Managing North Dakota's Water Resources (Part 3)

April 2000: - FEMA's Project Impact: Building Disaster-Resistant Communities; Managing North Dakota's Water Resources (Part 2)

March 2000: - Part of tobacco settlement funds received; Commission Meeting Minutes; Managing North Dakota's Water Resources

January 2000: - Cedar Lake Dam is repaired by SWC; Commission Meeting Minutes; Executive director employed by RRBB; Is your hometown dam safe?