Previous Biennial Reports

The Department of Water Resources and the Office of the State Engineer have been publishing agency biennial reports since 1904. Those documents have been put into PDF format, and are available upon request.

Please contact Records Management for previous Biennial Reports not listed by e-mail or (701) 328-2750.

pdf icon2019-2021.pdf (30.73M) pdf icon2017-2019.pdf (33.09M) pdf icon2015-2017.pdf (21.86M) pdf icon2013-2015.pdf (20.37M) pdf icon2011-2013.pdf (22.62M) pdf icon2009-2011.pdf (25.44M) pdf icon2007-2009.pdf (1.34M) pdf icon2005-2007.pdf (1.26M) pdf icon2003-2005.pdf (2.27M) pdf icon2001-2003.pdf (3.52M) pdf icon1999-2001.pdf (3.35M) pdf icon1997-1999.pdf (3.69M) pdf icon1995-1997.pdf (3.00M) pdf icon1993-1995.pdf (3.00M) pdf icon1991-1993.pdf (3.22M) pdf icon1989-1991.pdf (2.14M) pdf icon1987-1989.pdf (1.35M) pdf icon1985-1987.pdf (1.12M) pdf icon1983-1985.pdf (1.25M) pdf icon1981-1983.pdf (1.26M) pdf icon1979-1981.pdf (1.29M) pdf icon1977-1979.pdf (927.23K) pdf icon1975-1977.pdf (1.39M) pdf icon1973-1975.pdf (4.92M) pdf icon1972-1973.pdf (1.32M) pdf icon1970-1972.pdf (2.48M) pdf icon1968-1970.pdf (2.94M) pdf icon1966-1968.pdf (2.11M) pdf icon1962-1966.pdf (7.74M) pdf icon1960-1962.pdf (11.39M) pdf icon1958-1960.pdf (11.02M) pdf icon1956-1958.pdf (10.31M) pdf icon1954-1956.pdf (6.90M) pdf icon1952-1954.pdf (9.78M) pdf icon1950_revised.pdf (4.39M) pdf icon1950.pdf (12.34M) pdf icon1950-1952.pdf (13.19M) pdf icon1948-1950.pdf (1.42M) pdf icon1946-1948_streamflow_measurment_supplement.pdf (2.17M) pdf icon1946-1948.pdf (11.40M) pdf icon1944-1946_supplement.pdf (25.91K) pdf icon1944-1946.pdf (8.08M) pdf icon1942-1944_supplement_b.pdf (7.99M) pdf icon1942-1944_supplement_a.pdf (1.04M) pdf icon1942-1944.pdf (2.07M) pdf icon1940-1942.pdf (5.14M) pdf icon1938-1940.pdf (8.16M) pdf icon1937-1938_water_conservation_commission.pdf (2.70M) pdf icon1937-1938.pdf (805.95K) pdf icon1935-1936.pdf (4.19M) pdf icon1933-1934.pdf (4.38M) pdf icon1931-1932.pdf (5.08M) pdf icon1929-1930.pdf (6.07M) pdf icon1927-1928.pdf (8.77M) pdf icon1924-1926_part_2.pdf (11.70M) pdf icon1922-1924_part_2.pdf (9.18M) pdf icon1920.pdf (7.08M) pdf icon1920-1922.pdf (2.08M) pdf icon1918.pdf (13.38M) pdf icon1916_supplement.pdf (72.50K) pdf icon1916.pdf (13.59M) pdf icon1913-1914.pdf (10.45M) pdf icon1911-1912.pdf (8.09M) pdf icon1909-1910.pdf (5.78M) pdf icon1907-1908.pdf (4.54M) pdf icon1904.pdf (4.88M) pdf icon1900-1905.pdf (11.13M)