Special Investigations

The Department of Water Resources, through the Investigations Section, is also involved in conducting the preliminary engineering of surface water projects. These efforts include collecting both surface elevation and water survey data throughout the state, hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, flood control, irrigation development, recreation dams, bank stabilization, GIS analysis and tool creation, database management, floodplain management, dam design and repair, and reviewing proposed modifications to existing regulatory floodways.

The Section also provides technical support and participation in numerous interstate, interagency, and international efforts. These include Missouri River management, Mouse River flood protection and the International Souris River Board Plan of Study, and various joint efforts with the Corps of Engineers.

Right Of Entry For Surveys And Investigations (SFN 3300)

Preliminary Engineering Reports

Preliminary Engineering Reports which include dam, flood control, drain, irrigation, and other surface water-related studies, for specific locations. The reports were developed by DWR staff in order to provide information to agency and other entities in North Dakota, such as alternatives analysis, associated costs, and to assist in making water resource-related decisions. Older reports completed in the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s are often still relevant because these projects and locations may be the subject of future studies.


For more information on Special Investigations, please contact the Investigations Section at (701) 328-2752.