Atmospheric Resources

Atmospheric Resource Division Director
Darin Langerud, Director of ARB

Darin Langerud, Division Director

The Atmospheric Resource Board (ARB) is a quasi-judicial, quasi-legislative advisory and rule-making board under the supervision of the State Water Commission. ARB is co-located with the Department of Water Resources and functions as one of its divisions.

The ARB is comprised of ten members: seven are appointed by the Governor, with ex-officio members including the Director of the Department of Water Resources, the Director of the State Aeronautics Commission, and a representative of the Department of Environmental Quality.

The primary functions of the ARB are to:

  • Carry out administrative procedures required for the licensing of weather modification contractors and the permitting of cloud seeding operations and research activities;
  • Develop and maintain a system for the collection of data and records of all operational weather modification activities;
  • Conduct research into atmospheric precipitation processes to assess and improve the effectiveness of cloud seeding technology;
  • Promulgate rules and regulations governing cloud seeding activities to ensure environmental and public safety;
  • Monitor and evaluate cloud seeding activities and report back to sponsoring entities; and
  • Monitor, collect, and disseminate accurate precipitation and climate data.

The Atmospheric Resource Division can be contacted by e-mail, or at (701) 328-2788.