Project Information and Planning Form

This form should be filled out by the project/program sponsor or consultant, with DWR staff assistance as needed. The information will be reviewed by DWR staff and added to our project/program database to assist with budgeting efforts, and completion of a Water Development Plan for future biennia.

This form will also serve as the first step in obtaining cost-share assistance. However, this form alone will not be considered as your formal request for DWR cost-share. Once a project is in more advanced stages and is ready for potential DWR cost-share, project sponsors are required to submit cost-share requests through the Web Grants portal.

Please answer the following questions as thoroughly as possible. For assistance with this form, contact Cory Drevecky in the DWR Planning & Education Division at (701) 328-4967 or email

New Updated (previously submitted)

Project Study

Source Total Cost Prior SWC Approved Funds
July 2025 -
June 2027
July 2027 -
June 2029
June 2029
Federal $ $ $ $ $
Department of Water Resources $ $ $ $ $
Other State of ND $ $ $ $ $
Local $ $ $ $ $
Total $ $ $ $ $

Source Amount ($) Grant or Loan Term (Years) Interest (%)
Total Amount $